note: This is a pre-recorded event, to be streamed live and will include a live talkback with Dennis Trainor Jr and guests to be announced.

Acronym TV presents Manifest Destiny’s Child, a provocative, intelligent, and humorous meditation on how America lost its way and woke up in Trumplandia. 

Written and performed by the Communications Director of Jill Stein's 2016 Presidential Campaign this world premiere charts the true story of a man who goes from a cushy job teaching at a boarding school to the frontlines of the Occupy movement, to a job launching Jill Stein’s well-meaning but flawed Presidential campaign, to facing down eviction orders at Standing Rock. In this new solo show, Dennis Trainor Jr takes a pickaxe to the pillars holding up the toxic myth of American Exceptionalism. 


Opinionated, energized, and often funny, Acronym TV is committed to telling stories about the interconnected movement of movements in a way that entertains, informs, and inspires. Acronym TV with Dennis Trainor, Jr. cuts through the crap, tells the truth, and can even make you laugh.

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